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Corbyn Head exhibition

July 2018



We commissioned a wide-ranging transport assessment in order to understand the traffic and parking impact of our proposals.

Using a survey of the current traffic levels, and working with nationally recognised figures, it has been calculated that the number of vehicles arriving at or leaving the hotel at peak times would increase traffic in the area by less than one vehicle per minute. Realistically this is so little that it would be difficult to notice, given that around 1,000 vehicles an hour currently use the A3022 Torbay Road at peak times (defined as from 8am to 9am, and from 5pm to 6pm).

To improve the safety of vehicles accessing and departing the site, it is proposed that the existing access at the northern end of the site, nearest the Livermead Hill junction, is closed. We propose that a new access will be formed, further to the south, which would put it at the brow of the hill on the main road, providing better visibility and an improved approach angle.

The southern site access, which also provides access to the apartments next door, will be moved slightly further south. This will provide better access for our neighbours, while also providing a route to our new lower parking level.

Roads close to the site

Bus corridors and bus stops

In hotels, demand for parking tends to be highest from 11pm to 7am. Our proposals include 94 car parking spaces including provision for blue-badge holders and coaches. The existing hotel has approximately 30 spaces.


There is a bus stop directly opposite the hotel, and others very close by. The Torbay Road is well served by Stagecoach, with the 12, 22 and Gold services operating there. The 46 service, which runs from Exeter city centre to Paignton, also passes by the hotel.


The Torbay Cycle Network passes directly in front of the hotel providing opportunities for staff and guests to access the site by bike. A large area of Torbay, including parts of Torquay, Preston, Paignton and Ellacombe, is within a 15-minute ride from the site. Covered cycle parking spaces will be provided at the hotel within the car park.


The nearest railway station is Torquay, approximately an 850m walk to the northeast of the site. This equates to an 11-minute walk.

Walking and Cycle Distance from the Site.

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