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Corbyn Head exhibition

July 2018


An illustrative computer-generated image of the proposed building


The image above illustrates the external appearance of the proposals.

The design creates an elegant horizontally emphasised elevation that leads to a singular and consistent proposition.

It gains height towards the north-eastern end finishing in a powerful final flourish, maximising the sea views and contributing to Torquay’s architecture from this prominent location.

An indicative site plan

An illustrative computer-generated image of the rooftop bar

Indicative section of the proposed building

Public areas

The proposed building features a destination bar with spectacular views over the bay located on the top floor as well as a Spa with treatment rooms, sauna, steam room and hot tubs.

The ground floor restaurant has direct pedestrian access from the terrace to the landscaped northern end of the site. This way we also improve pedestrian movement around the site providing external ramped connections between the different levels.

Illustrative CGIs of the ground floor terrace, top, and of the rooftop bar

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