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Corbyn Head exhibition

July 2018


Given the unsuitability of the current building, it is intended to create a new hotel for Torquay.

This provides the opportunity to address many of the issues which have arisen over the years caused by the previous hotel having been extended from a domestic building. It will also make more efficient use of this important seafront location.

The current proposals include:


Many of Torquay's seafront buildings use locally distinctive materials, such as red sandstone walls and white render. We plan to use some of these materials within the proposals to ensure the building fits in with the local context and is part of Torquay.

The site's orientation will also influence the external appearance. With the potential for wide-reaching sea views and an easterly outlook unless carefully considered, the building could suffer from overheating from the low morning sun. The most efficient solutions are passive measures, such as solid panels dividing the glazed areas, which do not require mechanical activation and provide a rhythm to the façade.

Indication of the scale of the proposed development, at centre of image

The proposal responds to the prominence of the site, overlooking the bay and forming the edge of the Cockington Valley. To reduce impact the building is divided into two elements which respond to the grain of nearby holiday accommodation with the central section announcing the entrance foyer. The curving, raked north-east elevation creates a gateway to Torquay, at the top of which a rooftop bar provides the best views over the Bay.


Reference images of local buildings and materials. Queens Quay building from Google Earth

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