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Corbyn Head exhibition

July 2018


Torbay is one of Britain’s top 10 visitor destinations, attracting more than 4.5 million visitors a year who, between them, spend over £435 million annually.*

The area has been a leading destination since the 19th century when it began to attract well-to-do Victorian visitors. However, in recent years, while the number of day visitors to the Bay has increased the number of staying visitors has declined.

* Torbay Economic Strategy - Torbay Council

Local Plan

Torbay's Local Plan, adopted in 2015, recognises Torquay's seafront and the site of the Corbyn Head Hotel as one of its 'Core Tourism Investment Areas'. These areas are the main focus for investment in tourism in the Bay.

Key Torbay Council policies seek the creation of new, high-quality tourism attractions and facilities, and say development should reinforce Torbay's role as a main urban centre and premier resort:

"The Local Plan promotes a step change in Torbay's economic performance. It supports urban regeneration that creates sustainable living, working and leisure environments, supported by high quality infrastructure."  

Extract from adopted ‘Torbay Local Plan 2012 - 2030 - A landscape for success’

Destination Management Plan

Torbay Council - English Riviera Destination Management Plan

Torquay Neighbourhood Plan

The Torquay Neighbourhood Plan, which is going through the final stages of being formally adopted, provides clear support for the need to drive economic growth and for higher quality accommodation, higher value year-round and sustainable tourism and attractive provision.

Its vision is for Torquay to be the best place to live, work or visit in the West.

Torbay's Destination Management Plan 2017-2021 focuses on developing a successful visitor economy through collaborative effort of different stakeholders, reducing duplication and maximising local investment ensuring the whole destination and its tourism businesses are supported and developed.

The plan sets out a number of aims and ambitions, including:

Our plans – to provide a new hotel, fit for the 21st century – will help Torbay meet the objectives of both local and national policies.


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