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Corbyn Head exhibition

July 2018


The Corbyn Head site is located in a prominent position along the southern end of the sea front road (Torbay Road). It lies adjacent to the branch line to Paignton with the northern part of the site offering uninterrupted views across the bay.

The existing Corbyn Head Hotel is no longer capable of meeting the exacting demands of today's customers:

The Corbyn Head Hotel does not lie within a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty, nor is it listed in any way. It is in Flood Zone One, which is the zone with the least probability of flooding.

There is now an opportunity to create a modern, fit-for-purpose hotel, run by a well-known established international brand, which will be connected with its surroundings and in close proximity to the major facilities of Torquay.

The current hotel

A map dating from 1933
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An aerial photo of the site from Google Earth

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